Name Dropping

Name Drop

Happy Friday, everyone!

We are happy to announce the name of our new enterprise:

NovIntu Software Solutions

Head on over to to check out our new website!

I’m sure everyone reading this is thinking, “What, exactly, is a NovIntu, and where can I get one of my own?”  It isn’t actually a word (until things get crazy and it becomes a household name, that is), but a combination of two Latin words:

Novo – to make anew, refresh, revive, change, alter, invent


Intueor – to look at attentively, gaze at, consider

h/t to Latin Word List

We liked the fact that this combination of words represents what we will do both for our customers, and for future employees (we’ll talk more about our vision for radically altering the trajectories of our employees in another post).

As far as the “Software Solutions” part of the name, we heard two things loud and clear from a survey we conducted on prospective names:

  • Software-if we decided on an obscure/made up first name, we should strongly consider being specific with what we’ll be doing
  • Solutions > Labs-even if Labs is the future for software companies, Solutions is the present; people also liked the fact that we’re helping our customers solve problems

I wrote a post earlier this week outlining the naming process in more detail. In it, I listed our final criteria for selecting a name:

  • Be meaningful, related to company vision-see above
  • Easy to pronounce & spell-after saying it a few times (and capitalizing the “I”), it started rolling off the tongue; spelling could be an issue, but there are limited alternatives, and we plan to control for them
  • Something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to say on a sales call-no issue here, as we managed to avoid words like “moonbeam” and “Initech”
  • Reveal what the business will do-software & solutions. . .nailed it!
  • “.com” domain available (**bonus points for a short domain**)-the .com was available, and NovIntu is only 7 letters

We feel this name has the most potential, and meets each of our final criteria above.

Now, we are excited to move into the next phase of the process-choosing a logo!  If anyone has input on concepts or specific designs, feel free to send a note to We welcome the input!

Going forward, I won’t be linking each and every blog post on Facebook (I’ll just be doing so occasionally).  If you’re interested in following along with each post as they occur, enter your email address to the right, and you’ll get them delivered to your inbox.


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One response to “Name Dropping”

  1. Jason Wissman says :

    Great start! You removed complexity and barriers by finding a short, awesome and .com eligible name!

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